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Wherever. Whenever. Arrive in style. Get the full CR7 Limitless look now on CR7.com #CR7Denim #DesignedToMoveYou


  1. القدس عاصمة فلسطين الابدية , لا وجود لدولة اسمها اسرائيل لكي تكون عاصمتها القدس ✌️✌️✊✊
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  2. I don’t understand why people compare Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is best in history of MU, RM and Portugal. He is the most complete footballer in history. On the other hand, Messi is just a footballer of a single club. Cristiano is undoubtedly all-time best. So, please don’t compare anybody to Cristiano.

  3. I like Lio messi10 ❤
    Idon’t like cr7 😑
    Like if you think messi10 better than cr7 ❤
    Lio messi is the best player in the world 💞
    I am fan Lio messi😍
    Messi is legend ,he is number one 😍😘❤

  4. Here’s why i think Ronaldo pips Messi…
    1. Cristiano Ronaldo has played in three different
    leagues and he has always been able to shine.
    Lionel Messi has only played for Barcelona.
    2. Ronaldo has won a major trophy with his
    national team, Portugal, where he is the only
    superstar. Messi has a lot of superstars around
    him in the Argentine national team and he has
    never won a major trophy with his country after
    featuring in three finals.
    3. Ronaldo has defensive capabilities due to his
    height. He defends set-pieces and forms part of
    free kick walls. Messi offers nothing defensively.
    4. Aerially, there’s no contest. Ronaldo beats Messi
    in that regard. Cristiano has scored more headed
    goals than Messi.
    5. When things go wrong, Ronaldo gets up and
    tries again, but Messi gives up. For example,
    Ronaldo missed a penalty at the 2016 Euros but
    he never gave up because he is used to pressure
    and the world being against him. When Messi
    missed a penalty in the 2016 Copa America final,
    he decided to quit the national team. Messi wants
    to be in an environment where he will be
    supported by the press, referees, and analysts.
    6. Ronaldo uses both feet. He scores all types of

  5. Nemar jr + C Ronaldo+ so ramos +villa + iniesta + xavi + casillas + ramos + benzema + ozil + pique + puyol + fabregas + modric + marcelo + arbeloa + kaka + xabi alonso + callejon + valdes + sanchez =Leo Messi
    من کوردم 😉😉
    Im 💜KURDISH 💜

  6. lion mess is a club footballer not there best in the world because he couldn’t help national to win Cristiano ronaldo is the best play in the world because he help club to win and national team to win mess is just club baller

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo is not only the greatest football player. He is one of the greatest men in our history. His desire to help people and fight for peace and love for everyone is amazing. Cristiano Ronaldo i am proud to have you as my idol and you are a role model for everyone.

  8. Real Madrid 33 la liga titles
    Barca 24 la liga titles
    REAL MADRID 12 champions league titles
    Barca 5 champions league titles
    REAL MADRID 95 el classico wins
    Barca 93 el classico wins
    Cristiano Ronaldo 4 club world cup
    Barca 3 club world cup
    Once there’s a REAL MADRID
    There’ll always be a second place Barca

  9. This is CR7 who is trying to promote his brand but the very first comment i watched in the comment section be like Messi is the best player in the world😂😂😂😂
    Messi’s level❤

  10. People only say messi is better than ronaldo coz they themselves are not sure on the other hand ronaldo is best and face of football is a fact , so no need to say it again and again

  11. Are Bade Vai Hamara Situation bohod Kharap Hain,, El CLASSICO Har ke Gand fat Gaya…..

    Kuch Karo New year main… Zidane ko bolo tactics Change karne k liye 😪😪

    Aur bolo Benzema k beta na mane,, agar PSG k sath Har gaya to Papa Pérez Zidane ka Naukri chiin Lega 😪😪😪😪

  12. I hated this maan for his pompous nature and arrogance. Then i realized, he is being honest about himself and that is more noble than being a fake humble person, especially someone like Messi

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