Jeff Bezos Exposed


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Douglas Gabriel of Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies discuss who Jeff Bezos and Amazon really are and why we should be asking more questions about his and his company’s questionable background.

The guys also discuss a company named Global Thermostat, Accel Partners, and Banker’s Trust. Also discussed are names that may not be familiar with listeners now, but will make more prominence in the news when the media finally catches up with us: Graciela Chichilnisky, Stephen Chu, and Edgar Miles Bronfman.

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  1. This is hilarious. What else does a guy who has built 100 Billion dollar personal empire to do. Just quit? Every single S.O.B. who has developed a massive Corporate skeem stoled all their ideas from everyone else. Just like you steal all your Conspiracy ideas from everyone else. Too funny anyone connected with Dharpa is connected with the Defense Department or the CIA. You think? Since that is who runs DHARPA. It's all virtue dudes. You steal anothers ideas and you borrow some money from your rich Dad and you go with it. You'll soon have a Corporation and or be the President of the USA. Haha

  2. Check out the posts of QAnon to see what's really going down. See James Munder, Steve Motley, Tracy Beanz and others. Make sure you have 2 weeks worth of food and water, cause winter gets really stormy and cold in January…

  3. Thanks for great interview re Bezos. Clear that Amazon did not get to where it is today without support and funding by corrupt Government. If remember correctly, in 1980s & 90s, no company was ever allowed to monopolise an entire market in private sector. Disturbing, the lack of concern amongst sheep like masses re how strict anti trust laws have become almost totally redundant over past two decades, especially in high tech sector. Guessing widespread ignorance and apathy probably largely due to massive corruption, complicity and brainwashing by The Fourth Estate (MSM) and dumbing down process via school systems.

  4. No longer have free market capitalist system as in free market capitalism, there is no such thing as 'too big to fail'. Hopefully, this evil tech cartel can somehow be destroyed, completely brought down and dismantled. Seeing Amazon lockers popping up all across London in recent months is not good news at all. How did Bezos get permission to cluster bomb London with ugly yellow lockers on every corner..? Amazon Prime, currently spreading like Starbucks virus on steroids.

  5. hmmmmmm Dr. Evil. Bezos is an inside trader…..that means illegal ….fraud. Very Nazi like…… Your self driving car might crash into a tree or into a large semi because some dbag at Dr. Evils company might not like your attitude.

  6. Yesterday we had kings and Queens, these people come from the Zionist Banking Cabal and Lowlife Drug and Gun runners. In other words they are just Mobsters. True Fascists.

  7. to: All the Corrupt News Networks
    Hitlery Rotten Clitoris, needs to be taken to a war crimes tribunal where she can be executed for treason under Military Law; the other thing, the people need to do, since the US Corporation is bankrupt, they need to force the Commander in Chief to repeal the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, Proclamation 2039 of March 6th, 1933 & the Banking Relief Act of March 9th 1933. Invalidating the War Powers Act, of march 9th, 1933. Let the Democrats (and their unofficial masters, those parties who've been bribing/blackmailing the political figures, officials, etc.,) shut the government down… it'll be VERY fascinating to see, because, if it is shut down, because of lack of funds it would be called a "Sine Dia," which means a day with out an event, the government has adjourned with out a Day, or vacated the various Government offices.
    Then, Trump would be able to turn the tables upon the Democrats/Cabal, restore the organic Republic to life in less than one month & regain our national sovereignty, because the politicians won't be in a position to fight this if they are not in office.
    If they do not come to an agreement with Trump, then he could let the Democrats force a gov't shutdown, & hold them accountable if there is no one to take charge.
    The Commander in chief can now step down & become a real president & not the Commander in Chief of a Bankrupt Corporation, or appoint a temporarily Military Interim president, until there is a decision to hold Elections, matter fact he can appoint a Military General to take over the temporary interim process, to hold new elections. these 3 laws are what got Kennedy Killed, because he had the intent to repeal these Laws, in order to return the united States of America to being a organic Republic and not a Communist society of slaves working for the rich oligarchs, like the Rothschild banking criminal bank cartels.
    I, here by challenge you the audience to do your due diligence & prove me wrong, now you know why Kennedy was killed, & with the release of information you now know who was involved in his murder, the one who gave the go ahead order to kill Kennedy in Dallas was George H.W. Bush, he was physically on the ground at the time that murder happened, look at the photographs of that day. Put 2&2 together.
    Kennedy was murdered because he was messing with the bankers Money & was going to bring back the Silver, or, Gold Standard back to this country.
    Think Twice, it was a Democrat Theodore Roosevelt, who enacted this Law, so you owe your enslavement to a Democrat who acted “behind the scenes” against the people of the united States of America, while trying to portray himself as a good, virtuous , upright Man, as he worked for foreign interest.

    Sic Semper Tiranis.

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